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Ultrasonic Tomography- A new way to Concrete Inspection

PD8050 Ultrasonic Tomography (Proceq) has found its applications in assets evaluation as a useful tool when there are no proven methods available to test the sub surfaces of RC structures like Silos, Galleries, Tunnels, Jetties, and those strengthened civil structures. The array technology provides an image of the subsurface of the RC structures to find the cracks and de-laminations which may seriously affect the life of the assets. PD8050 has proven itself as a useful tool and helped many asset owners to evaluate the extent of defects. Even the composites such as windmill propellers, lightweight doors made of composites etc., could now be tested using the PD8050. There is still ample scope in the industry where defect evaluation study if needed through a non-invasive method Ultrasonic tomography could definitely provide promising results.

At Network NDT Solutions we extend our services and instruments which could open up doors for such asset evaluation studies. Our team could be more than happy to assist you while taking up such assignments and is also ready to collaborate in application developments. PD 8050 could prove to be a valuable tool while detecting the concrete cracks which make a path for water leakages in RC structures.

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